Get to know me a little more….

For eleven years now, I have been literally living my dream. I have put together what I enjoy the most: restaurants (meaning: great food and gastro environment in general), marketing and traveling. And how did I ended up traveling, visiting restaurants and helping them to become better and successful on the market? For the answer, I have to go back to the very beginning.

I grew up helping in a family hotel on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, near famous Italian resort of Rimini. And that is where I literally lived through the hotel industry, tourism, restaurants and everything around. This world immediately engulfed me. Right there I realized I love working with people and also that only the one who satisfy their guests/customers and has the first-class marketing can win. My passion was born there and it defined my future and career… 

   After long-term experiences from working abroad for companies like Carnival, Emirates, Jumeirah Groub or Marriott – where I had been opening restaurants, making marketing, traveling, working as a manager and learning – I came to a clear vision about what I want to do once I return to the Czech Republic. Something that interests me, something I like and something I’m best at: to help and advise (not only) restaurants about how to be more successful and pass on my experiences gained at prosperous companies to them. So, the restaurant marketing was the obvious choice.  

  At the beginning, I worked as a so called “food critic” (mystery shopper) for restaurants that’d appealed to me. I was visiting them and rating their quality and provided services. It was interesting to visit and see more than 300 restaurants and bistros from all around Prague over only one year. During this period, I have founded a website – a restaurant guide called with a clear vision: to fill a hole in the market and help tourists (local) with a better orientation on the Prague gastro scene, inspire them where to go and especially where it is worth going. The website contains a recommended list of TOP 101 restaurants & bars including the most interesting events in the city.  

   The more I got to know owners (management) of restaurants, the more I realize that everyone wants to be more successful, have more guests, be more popular and so on.  However, the vast majority of them do not know how to do it or do not have enough time or ideas. Which is a huge pity because they often have a great potential. And that’s the moment I decided to fully devote to cooperation and gastronomy consultancy about marketing. About the discipline so crucial in these days.

   It’s been a few years since then, a hundred of clients and thousands of campaigns passed under my fingers and at various restaurants I ate about a ton of food (not joking). And eventually, after a long insistence (like: “When will you finally have your web?”), I created this web as soon as I finally made my time for that – April/2020. Welcome on the “Restaurant Guru” platform!


This is what people ask me all the time

Why I do what I do?

My motto is: “Do what you love!“ And I love this fulfilling job. The restaurant marketing and everything around it, that’s my world. I am interested in it, I'm still learning, writing, training, helping businesses… I was doing this for many years abroad and now I am doing the same thing here in Czechia.

Where did the name “Restaurant Guru” came from?

There is a short story connected to this. A few years ago, I was intensively cooperating with a manager of a famous Prague restaurant. At one working lunch, while devising a strategy of how to move his business forward, I had showered him with so many ideas that he was not even able to write it all down. Then he looked at me with a smile and said: “Wait, I cannot keep up with you. You’re kinda like a guru. A restaurant guru!” Well, since then, I have been hearing this from him and his team during every meeting 😊 Such a phrase wouldn’t ever come to my mind, but it sounds great – thanks for the inspiration, Tom.

What do you like the most about this work?

A lot of things. I love to see satisfied owners/businesses and their guests. When they are doing well and everything is as it should be: from food quality, through friendly service to a good marketing. I love the whole process: meeting new clients, working with employees, video shooting, inventing promotion, advertisements. It is a creative job, every day is different and that’s what I like.

Who are my services for?

I am most often reached out by owners (managers) of restaurants, bars, cafés, bistros, clubs. These are people that really care about their business and they want to be more successful, increase their revenues and attract more customers. I dare say that I know how to do it. I can help and advise every gastro establishment. The restaurant marketing (resp. every gastro-marketing) is specific for each and every establishment but some techniques and methods can be applied for all of them.

How do I choose my clients?

Thoroughly. I always work only with those who really want to be better and move forward. I don't spend my time, energy and know-how on the other ones.

How much does it cost, what is the price of cooperation?

Hmm, well, let me ask you something first: How much does the car cost? It depends on what brand, type, etc. you want, right? The same is with marketing cooperation. The cost depends on your requirements, the scope of the work... I need to know your idea, we will discuss the details and I will give you a quote immediately. That way, you know exactly what you're getting for your budget.

The biggest mistakes made by business (owners)?

That would be a long story. Here are few important things I come across quite often: owners do not motivate their employees enough, they are not enough flexible – they do not go off the rails, do not have a clear plan (ambitions/concept) about where they are heading, they underestimate marketing, have a lack of creativity, often forget about the core of the business (gastronomy) – to satisfy their customers…

How to effectively promote a restaurant and have a great marketing?

That’s the question I came across at 99% of places I have been to and the million-dollar question at the same time. It is a topic for a whole book and it’s also a long haul. Nobody has built a brand overnight. It is not only about a good campaign… The successful brand has to be built every day and for a long time. It is a Jenga in which every part matters and you have to build on it. That’s the only way how it all can work. The priority is to have great food and services and I will help you with the rest for free on my BLOG or in person.


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