I come up with ideas, strategies, inspirations and know-how that lead to increased interest in your business, as well as higher attendance and revenues!



Do you have a dream restaurant, bar or stylish cafe? Do you take care of your guests with joy and a smile, prepare delicious food for them, do your best to make guests leave your establishment with a good feeling? If so, congratulations. You have laid the most important foundation for your business.
You know very well that customers love to return to places where they feel great and are truly satisfied. The goal is to make them want to come back to you repeatedly, often and to know about you. However, several marketing activities need to be combined before this can be achieved and the wish can become a reality. And I'm happy to help you with those.


Marketing outsourcing for F&B venues.

Whether you need one-off help or long-term cooperation

Social media

I do complete management of all social media. I will create engaging content that reflects your brand philosophy, environment, food and the EXPERIENCE your guests will have when they visit you. I design attractive advertisements on suitable social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...) that I will precisely target your audience. Regular communication, frequent activity and original campaigns aim to reach, engage and create strong brand awareness.

Online Marketing

Thanks to a complex strategy across multiple online platforms (from Google, Yahoo to TripAdvisor, YouTube and many other media), we will effectively present your services to as many potential guests as possible - organically and using PPC advertising as well. I will ensure that you have the best possible presentation in the "digital world", that people know about you, find you easily and come to you, not to the competition. I will use all available online channels to promote and advertise your business.

Creative ideas

My ace up my sleeve. I'll show you time-, data-, and customer-proven strategy and ideas on how to capture the market and how to promote a product to maximize its value. I will advise you on how to attract the general public and how to improve your services. Why? Because marketing is everything you have and do inside and outside the business - from food presentation, business cards, events to the newsletter you (hopefully) send, website photos, Instagram and many other things. Everything is important.

Web & copywriting

For many potential customers, your website will be their first encounter with your restaurant. The website is your showcase and business card. It must be beautiful, functional (optimization, SEO) and have quality copywriting. It should charm your target audience! If it's not, I'll suggest a solution and we'll fine-tune any possible flaws.

Video production

A picture is worth a thousand words - a video is worth a million. The present and the future belong to video marketing. We will create the perfect video and beautiful photos for you that will present you attractively and people will love it.

Consulting & mentoring

Do you want to analyze what and how you can improve, what ads will help you, create a successful brand, prepare a marketing strategy, or do you have an idea and need advice? Let's do it.

Guerilla marketing

Would you like to have something really special? I have a few tips and tricks in store that no one else will advise or implement. You have never had such an original advertisement and promotion.

Team training

Employees are the heart of every business. I train entire teams and management. I will teach them and give them the knowledge to use social media effectively, mastered "upselling", created interesting campaigns and generally knew online marketing.

I always do my best to achieve your goals and requirements. But I remind you, I don't promise millions overnight, only real results, let's leave the promises to others.

my specialty


I have been working in this discipline for many years. I will visit you as a secret guest and carefully evaluate the offered services, customer service and not only that...Then I will make a detailed analysis including tips that should be worked on.

Gastronomy is my passion, that's obvious :))



  • Write me or call me whenever you need help or advice
  • Personal meeting (ideally) or other kind of communication (Skype, Teams, e-mail etc.) where we will discuss the details. I need to know your ambitions, ideas, goals
  • We will clearly define the outcomes of our cooperation. It can be a set of recommendations, specific advices on projects, online campaigns, social network management etc… Simply, the stuff you need right now
  • How much for it? Every client is specific and so I approach each one individually. We will agree on the price before the cooperation starts
  • I offer packages and mentoring. For longer cooperation, I will set a better price for you for packages of consultations and mutual cooperation

The best marketing for a restaurant (every F&B facility) is the offered food and customer service. Every guest wants to have a culinary experience and enjoy professional/friendly service. But it is not enough by itself.



  • Managers of restaurants and bars when they want to have a complete social media management (Facebook and Instagram) and make the most out of it for promotion and advertisement
  • All kinds of F&B venues whenever they need to increase attendance of the establishment
  • Hoteliers when need external marketing cooperation for their hotel
  • Newly opened restaurants when they want to create complete marketing from A to Z and boost their business at the beginning
  • Everyone, when they wish to make a nice promo video of their place and have attractive photos
  • Ambitious restaurateurs when they don't have time and enough employees and wish to have quality online and offline marketing for their business
  • Agencies and outside workers when they want to get a better promotion for their clients


More customers on your website and in the establishment itself

I will bring guests from paid campaigns, organic search results, from social networks and other advertisement right to you. An effective usage of all promotion channels.

Better awareness of your brand

Only the one who leaves the line, is original and memorable can beat the competition. Be seen right where your (future) customers are.

New and satisfied guests

There are many ways to attract new customers. Equally, maybe even more, important is the way you “treat” them afterwards. The goal: the creation of permanent and loyal guests who are happy to come back over and over again.

Above-standard F&B marketing

At present, no one on the Czech market provides such comprehensive services to such an extent as I do. You will get a fair partner that will help and advise you how to be more successful.


13 years of experiences

I know your needs. Dozens of clients passed under my fingers, I made hundreds of campaigns and over 200 videos.

Marketing from A to Z

Offline and online marketing under one roof. With me, you will always be a cut above.


I will value every penny that you will spend on marketing. You will save a lot of money and time.

Cooperation with outreach

Since the beginning of my career, I have been specializing on restaurants and bars advertising and no innovations, trend or strategy can slip through my fingers.


Training of teams and managers, passing on experiences, new ideas and inspirations, creating campaigns, etc. That’s my passion.

I'm not an agency

We will arrange the terms clearly, fast and reliably. Either for a one-time or a long-term cooperation. Everything is done upon agreement. My goal is your satisfaction and I will do everything I can for it.

There is a whole range of good restaurants with good cuisine and nice staff. However, in my opinion, the problem is that owners (management) are not able to “sell” properly or they simply do not know how. And that is a huge pity…


Who does marketing for you?

Are you (dis)satisfied with advertisement/propagation?  

What are you going to change now?


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